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e of the bed and pulled Andy 's mouth. His cock pressed on her lips as she looked directly into his eyes, pulled the other boy named Tony and Lisa 41tube on the other side was taking his cock in his hand. Then sucked each of them after the show. Tony then waved to Lisa that he wanted to fuck again! Again I thought that both had done before? I never said anything! Reorganized themselves on all fours on the bed, Andystood on the edge, Lisa took his cock again and sucked him and Tony sat behind her and shoved his cock into her wet hole. Lisa went crazy shit, I've never seen before in this way. Tony beaten his cock in and out of her that taking into account all the neck of Andy Hahn. Toni did not last long and I heard him say, came and wanted to go, Lisa Andy out of his mouth and told me to shoot it, I want it all the time. (Lisa told 41tube me later that yes, we have both of them and pull the fucking first, Tony had asked for, and about them. It seems that Toni was in the bathroom when she came, as he left Lisa 's ass was in the air Andy the mouth. stood up and looked for a while and then Andy asked him to fuck, Lisa 41tube had no objections) made ​​all the entrance of his hole. What she said next blew my mind. 41tube Andy pulled his cock from her mouth and went straight down to lick and suck all the cum Tonys) The view was amazing. As soon as Tony shot his load on her and took Andy pushed his big cock in her. She was bucking like a wild animal, Andy screams to fuck her hard and fast.. Andy was in his car, almost pulled his cock then hammered again, Tony had moved on and now Lisa licks her pussy while Andy continued his hammer, the sound was amazing Lisa did, then I have heard as often say, fuck me, fuck me over bastard fills me full of cum, she looked right into the camera and said, is the favorite to you let out a scream orgasm hit, Andy has his load at the same long shot from the point of view have on his face. Tony crawled under it with courage in their cheeks, 41tube Lisa saw it and licked it carefully. Andy then asked, did well to convince him? Lisa looked at him and smiled. I thought you were one of the black boys have brought, but Tony was fine. Everybody laughed, and then Andy asked if they wanteda black rooster. Lisa Andy looked, then looked directly at the camera and smiling says a penny eh! He turned to Andy and said yes. I heard Andy talk to someone on his cel
Quotes phone just in my opinion, Tony on the other hand was playing Lisa, as she spread eagle in front of me cum dripping from his hole Sat Andy asked how many? Lisa stared at him and said what? Like many, he asked again. She laughed and said insolently. Up to you. Andy back on and gave his now hardening cock in his mouth. He gladly accepted. All the time, Tony was plated with her pussy. We spent about 4 / 5 minutes, and then I heard a knock at the door. Andy looked at Tony and said that can be opened. He then proceeded to fuck Lisa 's face. Hey guys, says Andy, who wants to play with this? Through the noise down, it was like a football team arrived. Among these three very well built black men came to see, feel Homey we heard, " said one of them, mindif we can help? Currently there are five naked men on the screen, two white, you just have fucked black Lisa 3, the appearance of tails, and all want to suck 41tube Andy Lisa. At this point, Andy, and jumped, threw a load of semen into Lisa 's mouth, he swallowed the lot. Something they have never done for me add, you can. Andy walked away only to be replaced by what can be described only a black cock fucking huge. Lisa smiled and took me. Then he stopped and said to hang on little boys. I have to be honest. Check the laptop there, so I boyfriend Steve is seeing all this to do something about it? A burst of laughter filled the room, said his joke about them. No, hang on ill show, it was in the laptop and turned on the screen. Hi honey, I 41tube like it? Not much, as you said in 41tube return. I heard that one of the boys say, cool, where he was killed. Scotland, I replied. Lisa asked if she was OK, as I said, go for it girl, I've never been Horneyin my life. Once again I heard some laughter. I heard Lisa say that the first time. In the next hour, Lisa was fucked like a whore, cummed all over his body, inside and above. I can honestly say I have something that I still loved every second of it never seen before. I've seen was about 8 times alone. that was two weeks ago, now we have avi dozens of times, each time is getting better and better. That is, until today, however. Andy and his team are all in the house tonight. You have a job in Glasgow and Lisa have been invited along. Only this time I'll be there to play. The O'H and brings one of 41tube the 41tube black guys and his girlfriend. I can not wait to be saying that to see the space


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It finally happened. Both Lisa and I have 5 years and I've always liked the idea of ​​injecting a third party in our relationship. Lisa, however, is not opposed to role play during sex, but always said that never happen in real life, and how we might find someone, anyway. How things have changed. Lisa had to go to work for 4 days at Windsor, were their firm converting a four-star hotel. They offer all bedroom 41tube furniture. Normally do not do 41tube so, stay away jobs because it is the only place in the company, basically, only the teams direct access to the labor market, the prime contractor providing is a long history, we had a slight argument on the phone about 7ish in his last night, the couple had a usual shit. Then he went to town with some of the Web agents. He got a little drunk and ended up in bed with the foreman of the page. Almost immediately after it happened, she called me and 41tube told me what had happened and felt bad, it did. I think my reaction surprised her, rather angrily, my first question, do you like? We talked at length what had happened and what they did everything together, which was what I always hear my dick.. heavier and heavier Lisa also said that talks to me horney as hell, and now wanted again Shagged Me. I suggested he call the guy and he quoted Andy in his room, but I also said I had to see and hear everything. How, they asked you and I are at home at Windsor 450 miles away. laptop insert and configure your webcam, leave it in the bottom of the bed to a comfortable 41tube andready, we can play. It is true, to my surprise, and minutes later she went to see and talk to her about the PC. She was naked, sitting on the bed, I have to show me the pussy used that has shone wet pussy white sperm asked, I thought, hmmmm, well from the angle of the camera and give you a call. I'll talk toThat when you're done. I've heard that makes the call and within minutes there was a knock at his door. Lisa stood up and blew a kiss and went to the door. I heard voices and saw then, Lisa jumps on the bed. Andy went to see the content. He wore only a pair of underpants, which quickly on the ground. The tail is widespread, and was about to fuck Lisa. God is on Horney. What happened next, but I was blown away. Another image appeared naked again and again with a thick angry. Shit, there's two of them. How could this happen? Lisa sat on the edg